Victoria Beckham REVERSES her decision to furlough 30 fashion label employees during Covid-19 lockdown saying & # 39; my team's well-being means everything to me & # 39;

  • Victoria Beckham Ltd had planned to place 30 staff members on furlough
  • The company sought up to £ 150,000 in taxpayer money for two months
  • The former Spice Girl, whose family is worth £ 335 million, was criticized for the plan
  • The company confirmed today that they were no longer seeking taxpayer assistance
  • Here you can help people who are not affected by Covid-19

Victoria Beckham has lost plans to seek a government reduction to follow 30 members of staff at its fashion brand following a major backlash.

The former Spice Girl, whose family is worth £ 335 million, had planned to use the & # 39; e Covid-19 scheme to increase 80 percent of & # 39; to pay the wages of some of their staff.

The fashion brand, which employs 120 people, sent letters to 30 staff members warning them that they will be overcome for two months under the government's regulation.

Pictured Victoria Beckham reversed a decision to ask a taxpayer for her fashion company by furloughing 30 staff

According to The Guardian, a spokeswoman for the company said: & # 39; We will not sign now & # 39; e furlough scheme of & # 39; e government. At the beginning of the lockdown, shareholders were agreed with senior management to share a small portion of the staff. At that point, we did not know how long the lockdown could last as the likely impact on the company.

Victoria Beckham added: & # 39; The well-being of my team and our company means everything to me. & # 39;

It is understood that the application of & # 39; company taxpayers would have cost £ 150,000.

The company denied that the U-turn was a result of & # 39; public backlash and instead the board & # 39; now believe that with this support of our shareholders we can navigate through this crisis without signing the furlough scheme & # 39 ;.

In a statement, the company said: & # 39; Victoria Beckham Ltd has worked hard to protect its people, and although it has adapted to & # 39; e consequences of COVID-19 and the lockdown of & # 39; government, our decision to relocate a small number of our staff was the most suitable option in line with many other companies.

& # 39; The situation is dynamic, and with the support of our shareholders, we now believe that we can navigate through this crisis without signing & # 39; e furlough scheme of & # 39; e government.

& # 39; Our application was made in the best interest of trying to protect our staff, and that is still our absolute focus. We are doing everything we can to ensure that we can achieve this without government assistance. & # 39;

Other celebrities like Jamie Oliver and Dragons Den star Peter Jones have also sought taxpayer assistance.

Oliver has furloughed 20 of its 120 employees.

Dragon & # 39; s Den star Peter Jones, worth £ 490million, reports furloughed 400 workers from Jessops.

Sir Richard Branson and Sir Philip Green also face the anger of the public for relying on government money to pay their staff.

The Jamie Oliver Group did not bust restaurant staff in the United Kingdom to bust Jamie Oliver's restaurant empire last year.

Jamie Oliver had 20 Italian restaurants, Barbecoa steak restaurant and modern British restaurant Fifteen.

The restaurants were all forced into administration despite Mr Oliver putting £ 18 million of his own money into it.

However, singer Ed Sheeran is one celebrity who failed to seek a taxpayer for the ten staff he counts in his Notting Hill pub Bertie Blossoms.

The singer, who is worth £ 170 million, will pay the wages of his staff while the bar is forced to close because of the government's Covid-19 lockdown.



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