& # 39; Baby Number ….? & # 39; Twitter celebrates the birth of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds & # 39; baby comedy mum – joke of & # 39; the Prime Minister & # 39; have only been two days back and can now take paternity leave & # 39;

  • Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds announced the birth of son in NHS hospital
  • Symbols were not expected to have a baby of a couple until later in the summer
  • News posted #Borisbaby trending on Twitter with hundreds of people posting comedy memes about the couple's happy announcement
  • Much of & # 39; humor focused on & # 39; how many children Mr Johnson has, something the Prime Minister has never clearly answered

If the news that Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds of & # 39; this morning had a baby boy in & # 39; the world has come to a close, a nation in lockdown, it wasn't long before social media clashed in gear and lured a thousand moms over the happy news.

FiancĂ©e of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 32, gave birth today to a & # 39; healthy & # 39; baby boy at an NHS hospital in London – weeks earlier than expected.

The news, announced just before 10am this morning, quickly sent the hashtag #borisbaby to the top of & # 39; a trending column of Twitter.

While many local memes posted cheers to the PM, 55, and his girlfriend with joy, saying the news gave the nation a very fond moment of joy, others could not resist referring to the expanding brochure of Mr Johnson – with a nasty Wikipedia editor that's not the reference to how many children the PM has after an uncertain & # 39; 6 or 7 & # 39 ;.

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Elsewhere, many snaps of blonde-haired dolls did the rounds, as comedians on social media suggested that Boris junior may have been born with a slightly unruly hair like his father's.

Others showed dancing toddlers for fun, suggesting that's how Mr. Johnson may feel at the prospect of two weeks of paternity, after only two days back at Number 10 after his battle with Covid-19.

There was the poison of a cat that was notoriously typing away, with its poster suggesting that it might be how Eton's administrative staff could look, while adding the & # 39; PM's descendant to & # 39; a private school waiting list.

Another is holding the & # 39; fur baby & # 39; of the couple in mind, saying that Dilyn had a & # 39; wonderful friendship & # 39; would have with the new baby.

Mr Johnson is said to have been through hard work by his 32-year-old fiance before her son entered the world in the early hours of this morning.

The safe arrival of her children, the first of Carrie and the sixth of Boris, has come as a shock, because Miss Symonds was expected to be born later in the summer although a due date was never confirmed by the couple.

She announced the pregnancy on February 29, days after Marina Wheeler's PM's divorce was confirmed, and engaged in & # 39; t holiday on the exclusive Caribbean island of Mustique over the new year.

How many children does the PM have?

Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler, who divorced in 2018, have four children together: Lara Lettice, 26, Milo Arthur, 24, Cassia Peaches, 22, and Theodore Apollo, 20.

He also has a fifth child, Stephanie Macintyre, with art consultant Helen Macintyre. Ms Macintyre & # 39; s daughter is probably one of two children he fathered as a result of an affair.

The Appeal Court ruled in 2013 that the public had the right to know he had a daughter during a troubled relationship while mayor of London in 2009 – but also mentioned the possibility of a second baby.

It is not known if the prime minister has more children – but his baby boy with Carrie Symonds is officially his sixth.

The appreciation of her son's birth, which has not yet been mentioned, announced his spokesman: & # 39; The Prime Minister and Ms Symonds are excited to announce the birth of a healthy baby boy earlier in the morning of a London hospital.

Both mother and baby do very well. The PM and Ms Symonds would like to thank the fantastic NHS maternity team.

Now 10, the hospital they have been to is not public – although St Thomas, where Mr Johnson was in intensive care this month, is closest to Downing Street. It was previously reported that Carrie wanted a home birth, but these have been largely stopped by the NHS because of coronavirus.

Mr Johnson said in early March that he will likely take his two-week maternity leave when her child is born – but it is not known if he will now take fourteen days at a time of national emergency.

There are also concerns that important decisions about the coronavirus lockon and how Britain can be delayed because of the new baby's e Prime Minister.



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