Google will notify people if it thinks their search results may not be a good match for a query

  • The messages will notify users if their results are not very useful
  • It may also be advisable to refine the search for better results
  • Google says the message is currently rolling out in the US

Google wants to give users a heads up if it thinks their search results are missing the mark.

The tech giant announced that it will include notices about search results that it determines may be of doubtful usefulness.

& # 39; We've probably all passed this on: you're looking for something, and the results just don't seem to be related to what you were looking for, & # 39; Google writes in a blog post.

& # 39; As of today in & # 39; In the United States, we are rolling out a new message that lets you know when Google is unable to find everything that suits your search. & # 39;

Messages like the one pictured will start appearing in Google search results to notify users if their query does not have useful information

Google says it can still roll users through the results and next to warn them that their search may not have been as productive as they had hoped, it will sometimes & # 39; alternative & # 39; search queries that could produce better results.

& # 39; If possible, the feature will also provide a number of alternative searches, such as how & # 39; you can reformulate your query to better find the information you & # 39; re looking for, & # 39; Google writes.

According to Google, the notification should not appear too often, in order for Search to be designed to net virtually life-threatening results, but it can help users avoid a rabbit hole in cases where & # 39; 39; t information is bad.

& # 39; If it turns out that what you hope to find just isn't on the web, you can always check back later to see if someone has created a new article or posted new information that you find useful , & # 39; Google writes.

The messages will increase other tools used by Google, such as notifications when search results do not result in results and others that do not show when keywords are missing from a result.

Google said it always thinks with its Search algorithm to make it more accurate and prevent cases where users can't find results.



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