Google Launches its Video Conferencing Service Free in a Bid to Unleash Popular Rivals Like Zoom

  • Meet is free to all users after previously being part of Google's premium G Suite
  • The video conferencing service can host 100 participants at a time
  • It also has screen sharing and captioning features in real time
  • Google said Meet will have another hour beginning in September

Google makes its video conferencing service free to all users in a bid to challenge rivals like Zoom.

The service, called Meet, was previously only available to customers who did not pay for Google's G Suite, the tech giant's business service with commercial versions of Gmail, Google Drive and more.

Although the service is currently the same as its previous premium version, Google said free users will have some restrictions starting Sept. 30, including a 60-minute video call.

Google Meet will be free to all users in a bid from a tech giant to challenge rivals like Zoom, a service that has exploded since December

However, the free versions will still be quite robust. According to Google, it will allow up to 100 participants in a single video call and come with features like screen sharing and real-time captions.

One of & # 39; s biggest takeaways from Google's decision to open Meet is that the company is apparently preparing itself to include rivals in & # 39; e video conferencing space such as Zoom, which has exploded in popularity as people are forced to telecommute under widespread lockdowns.

Zoom & # 39; s rise in popularity has also been plagued by security issues, including & # 39; Zoom bombing & # 39;, where a stranger has access to a meeting without invitation and shows offensive material. In some cases, footage of child abuse has been recorded, which the National Crime Agency (NCA) says it is investigating.

Other companies such as Facebook have also started offering their own alternatives to Zoom, to make video conferencing a more important service.

Google will join companies like Facebook that this week also roll out their own alternative to Zoom called Messenger Rooms

Google will join companies like Facebook that this week also roll out their own alternative to Zoom called Messenger Rooms

This week, Facebook announced that it is rolling out a new video chat feature called & # 39; Messenger Rooms & # 39; allowing users to create and share shareable chat rooms.

According to Facebook, Messenger Rooms can be created within Facebook Messenger and can be shared on news feeds, or through various groups or events.

Once created, the rooms can host up to 50 people at the same time, despite having a Facebook account. The company says there is no limit to how long the rooms can stay open.

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