Coronavirus test numbers are still only HALF the 100,000 daily goal set by Matt Hancock – despite a large expansion of the criteria

  • On Tuesday, there were only 52,429 virus tests, missing the target by almost half
  • Matt Hancock's test plan was criticized as a & # 39; red herring & # 39; by hospital leaders
  • The eligibility criteria now include over-65s with nursing home symptoms and staff
  • Here you can help people who are not affected by Covid-19

Britain was promised 100,000 virus tests today – but Matt Hancock is on track to miss his ambitious goal by almost half.

Latest figures show that 52,429 virus tests were conducted on Tuesday, thousands of daily targets intended to reach today.

This was despite a huge expansion of criteria the previous day, which saw tests being offered to over-65's with virus symptoms, those who should not leave the house to work and all nursing home staff and residents.

The Secretary of Health made his promise to increase testing to 100,000 per day on April 2, when the UK performed only 10,000.

Matt Hancock is on course to meet his ambitious goal of 100,000 daily coronavirus testing by nearly half. Latest figures show that 52,429 virus tests were performed on Tuesday

Although that number has increased five in the past four weeks, Mr Hancock now suggests that his testing strategy & # 39; chaotic & # 39; was too focused on a random goal.

A shocking report from hospital leaders yesterday claimed the goal was only a & # 39; red herring & # 39; was to distract from failures in the government's test plan.

NHS providers claimed that the UK & # 39; started from a bad position & # 39; and then consistently & # 39; striving & # 39; – with a lack of clarity about who would be tested, when and how.

The organization that represents hospital trust also suggested that ministers should be set up to run test numbers instead of focusing on what individuals needed most.

A medical worker at a drive-in coronavirus testing facility at the Chessington World of Adventures Resort in southwest London

A medical worker at a drive-in coronavirus testing facility at the Chessington World of Adventures Resort in southwest London

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester's former Labor secretary and mayor, Andy Burnham, noted the strategy & # 39; accidental & # 39; and said it did not include much discussion with public health officials.

He said there was a belief among council leaders that ministers were pursuing the goal without fully devising the local-level strategy.

Professor Allyson Pollock, a public health doctor and former director of the Institute of Health and Society at & # 39; Newcastle University, argued that the & # 39; a government & # 39; chaotic and confused & # 39; used to be.

She said there was no point in abolishing test criteria without 'detect contact', which means that everyone else has found patients with the virus have been in contact.

Test co-professor John Newton, director of public health improvement for Public Health England, said he is confident that the 100,000 daily target for coronavirus testing will be met on Thursday

The test coordinator of & # 39; Government Professor John Newton said he & # 39; nice confidence & # 39; is that the 100,000 daily goal for coronavirus testing is met

Mr. Hancock was also suspected of desperately trying to raise the test number at 11am by suddenly offering tests to NHS workers without symptoms.

Dr Julia Prague, from Imperial College Hospital in west London, claimed that her NHS Trust had suddenly announced a one-day pilot to & # 39; asymptomatic & # 39; workers to test.

She tweeted: & # 39; Call me a cynicism, but why, if we have been offered no tests as symptomatic doctors of & # 39; a frontline, today … my big London NHS Trust announces a one-day pilot to test all asymptomatic employees who would like a test. & # 39;

Earlier, Professor John Newton, the test coordinator of the & # 39; government said: & # 39; We are quite confident that we will achieve that goal. & # 39;

He told BBC Radio 4's Today program that & # 39; to & # 39; by the end of & # 39; we will know if we have reached that goal & # 39;

No 10 had said ministers would not necessarily know if they had reached their goal until new week because of a delay in reporting home test figures.

On a more positive note, Professor Newton revealed an antibody test to show which individuals already had the virus ready at the end of May.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the government declined an offer from California corporation Curative to do 10,000 tests a day earlier this month, according to The Guardian.



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