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Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai


Let that be a lesson for all the mechanics and greasy monkeys who leave behind sprockets, flanges and gaskets that are located on work desks. You can rely on a half carburetor.

One minute, the gypsy Kug, with more gold chains than Mr. T, cheerfully killed the life of bearded eyelash Paul in a rural gothic thriller Blood (C5).

The next, disgraced doctor Jim Hogan (Adrian Dunbar) had broken into his caravan and started throwing punches. It was inevitable that Kian (Darragh O & # 39; Toole) would stumble upon something razor-powered and oily, and rolled into a heap of scrap iron.

Darragh O & # 39; Toole as Kian commands Desmond Eastwood as Owen in Gothic thriller Blood

Darragh O & # 39; Toole as Kian commands Desmond Eastwood as Owen in Gothic thriller Blood

This second series of suspicious family mystery by writer Sophie Petzal is even more baroque than the first. If you like to keep your crime scenes on the verge of wild-eyed madness, with skeletons full of every box, Blood bliss is … all set to a mocking piano soundtrack by Ray Harman.

The double timeline was difficult to decode in & # 39; the first episode, but by half of & # 39; a week (Blood ends on Friday with a double count) everything is clearer.

Both strands are wrapped around Jim & # 39; s daughter Fiona (the wonderfully spooky Grainne Keenan), who, like her mother in the previous series, dies of motor neurone disease. Fiona does not need to drive, especially at night and most certainly not with the body of her husband in a suitcase. Part of the story sees her interrogated by creepy detective Dez Breen (Sean Duggan), with more forehead than Bamber Gascoigne, after her car is fished out of a river.

The events that led to this are told in flashback, beginning with Jim's return from exile with the stigma of murdering his wife who still does not hold on to him. Gradually it becomes clear that:

1) Fiona and unmarried hubby Paul (Ian Lloyd Anderson) live in a farm-bound cottage owned by Paul & # 39; s boss millionaire boss. . . and Fiona has a lesbian affair with the wife of & # 39; e farmer;

2) The stupid son of a farmer is mixed with a murderous gang of drug dealers, led by blingtastic Kian;

3) Paul will be killed if he doesn't help Kian steal the stud stud race prize.

Cheeky casting of the night:

Daniel Mays, Stephen Graham and Anna Maxwell Martin have all played major roles in Line Of Duty. Now they are reunited in sitcom Code 404 (Sky One), over a functioning police android. It started off a stuttering start.

There, that wasn't that complicated, was it? None of this arcane plot twist matters, of course, if you're just tuning in to enjoy Dunbar & # 39; s stony-eyed performance as Jim – one of those patriarchal control freaks who & # 39; s not going to run his family like Kim Jong- to North Korea.

Jong-un might be dead if conspiracy theories are to be believed. There are apparently at least two of the characters in Blood. They will not be the last.

Randomly, it can be hugely exaggerated, but I can't wait to see who's next to die.

For anyone who doesn't find this too much of a mind-twister, or who doesn't feel mentally challenged when ordering a chicken biryani, there is Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai (ITV). This usually consists of soap celebs Ryan, Scott and Adam Thomas who & # 39; t taxi & # 39; s rented in & # 39; down the street of & # 39; city and scare the names together. & # 39; Scott! & # 39; exclaims Adam, before he has hysterics. & # 39; Ryan! & # 39; Scott writes, not to mention the hilarity of the moment.

When the three brothers have unpacked this beautiful intellectual pursuit, they go to the street vendors and ask them to get the hottest, spicy food. One cook replaces with a soup full of chapati that is literally on fire.

& # 39; Adam! & # 39; Ryan gasps, flames grinning out of his mouth. & # 39; Scott! & # 39; chokes Adam with smoke drifting from his ears.

The boys are part Indians: their grandfather Nolan Thomas grew up in Mumbai, when it was Bombay. On this evidence, I doubt the locals are happy that he left.

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